1. I should invest in a lock, but going shopping with my bike is just way better…and safer for my Geek.

  2. New drivetrain for my Geekhouse! AARN 47t ring, Izumi V chain, and a Phil Wood 16t cog. So smooth!

  3. The world needs more track bike videos like this.

    Spotted at The Radavist.

  4. Wow! That is a sick ride…colors are rad, geometry is tight, and the build looks dialed! This is the Stoemper prototype track bike used at the Red Hook Crit a couple weeks ago.

    See the full coverage at Pedal Room.

  5. Katie Arnold raced this Stanridge HSP MkII at the RHC last week. This week, it’s just chillin’ and looking rad! The only thing that could make this photo better, is if we could see the drive side…

    From the Stanridge facebook page.

  6. Cool Spectrum track bike.

    See more at Prolly…or should I say, “The Radavist.”

  7. Work horse! Rad!

    Spotted on Pedal Consumption.

  8. Wow! There is a lot going on here. Katie Arnold with her Stanridge HSP MkII painted by Ben Eine. Not going to say I really dig it, but I can appreciate the work it took to create such a bike!

    Spotted via Prolly.

  9. This orange Orbea pista looks mighty speedy!

    Spotted at Pedalare!

  10. Super clean NJS builds are few and far between…most are totally beat from the track and then commuter lifestyle. Not the case here! This Samson is downright stunning!

    Check out the full build and pics at Pedal Room.